• cononleypc

Flosh Footpath Re-Opens

As Craven District Councillor, I would like to thank everyone who campaigned so hard to get our footpath open again at the flosh. On the morning of Saturday 19th June, over a hundred villagers came out to join the protest and many more put up window stickers or sent messages.

Special thanks go to Emma Slater for her great work on campaign banners and social media.

The thin excuse that the crossing had to be closed because the train’s horn was too quiet resulted in negative publicity for Network Rail. Our campaign reached the BBC national website, national newspapers and I was interviewed on RadioYork.

Network Rail re-opened the path in August. There is a very real possibility that if the village had taken this lying down then it would have been quietly closed for ever. Now we've won a big battle in protecting our hugely valuable network of local footpaths that form such an important part of ourheritage and need passing on to the next generation.