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SSIA Volunteer Car Scheme

The Parish Council has been advised that Skipton & Craven Action for Disability (SCAD) will cease trading and the last day of operation for their Dial-a-Ride service will be Friday 23 December 2022. We are aware that North Yorkshire County Council has been working with the Stronger Communities Team and we can advise you of a replacement community transport service.

Skipton Step into Action (SSIA) will commence operating a volunteer car scheme mid-January 2023 and will cover the area currently served by SCAD. If passengers would like to enquire about this new volunteer car scheme, please contact SSIA on 01756 802098 or email SSIA are also seeking additional volunteer drivers and potential volunteers should telephone 01756 802098 or email

In the meantime, if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Skipton Step into Action, directly.



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