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Dead Eye Pond: New Year Update

Updated: Jan 16

Dead Eye Pond was previously owned by Mr. and Mrs. James Throup who gave it to North Yorkshire County Council, by deed of gift, on 24 May 1989. The land was then bought by Cononley PC for a nominal sum in 2001. Since the PC have owned it efforts over the past 20 years have been made to make the area accessible to residents and improve it as an area for flora and fauna to blossom. Over the past two years Cononley PC and local volunteers have put in a lot of time and effort to develop the area and finally make it accessible to residents again.

A steering committee was set up and plans developed in conjunction with many experts from the village and outside. Specialists from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, The National Trust, Environment Agency and the Wild Trout Trust have been engaged to formulate a plan for Dead Eye for both short and long term improvements.

In December 2020 a group of hardy volunteers started work at Dead Eye. Work included removal of overgrown vegetation from the access path allowing the official path to be accessed again. Once initial access was gained a further group of volunteers met in the spring of 2021 and planted over 300 trees in the vicinity of Dead Eye. In the autumn further vegetation clearance was undertaken to allow access for a fencing contractor and in October 2021 the area was fenced off. The area is now segregated from farm animals, in line with expert recommendations, and almost ready for opening up to members of the public. Public access to Dead Eye is only from Ings Lane (which is a continuation of Shady Lane) via the PC access route which we have named Throup’s Track. The PC have named it as a way of acknowledging the kind donation from the family in 1989.

Further work is planned in early 2022 before an official opening in the spring. If you would like to help please email friendsofdeadeye@gmail.com.

In the future the following activities are planned:

  • Plant trees in the hedge along the access path once fence is in place (i.e. fill in the gaps in the existing hedge)

  • Perform dredging work in northern end of pond (to create a better filter for water entering the pond)

  • Take a large limb from existing Cracked Willow to northern end of pond (to help attract more wildlife)

  • Assess natural vegetation and create planting plan as required.

  • Assess need for dredging the main pond

  • Install a dipping platform

  • Install a viewing area